Our intention with this gathering is to inspire participants to find what lights them up and to share that more effectively with the world. We will be exploring Mind, Body and Spirit during these 4-days together including time in nature, lunch and dinner conversation, and workshops with global thought leaders. The base will be two heart-opening yoga classes per day as well as thoughtful, curated conversations and workshops.

This transformational event supports Aspen City of Wellbeing, a non-profit organization dedicated to shifting culture towards an optimal state of wellbeing for all.

Lead With Love, October 26th-29th 2017. 

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Tabay Atkins

Tabay is The Youngest Certified Yoga Teacher in America.  He finished his 200 Hour Intensive Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training one week before his 11th birthday   Tabay has joined his mom, Sahel, on a long list of specialized Yoga Teacher Trainings since he was 7 years old.  
Tabay is certified in 6 different trainings:200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga, Circus Yoga Ring 1 & 2, Yoga for Kids, Yoga for Tweens and Teens, and Yoga for Autism Spectrum.  He is Homeschooled and teaches weekly teen and adult Donation Based Vinyasa Yoga Classes at his moms yoga studio, CARE4YOGA, in San Clemente, California.  He donates 100% of the money he makes to Kids who have Cancer.  He also helps his mom teach her kids yoga classes. In addition to studio classes, he teaches private lessons at clients homes, and teaches with his mom and does special workshops all over the world.  
Tabay's journey with Yoga started at the same time his mom's yoga journey started.  Sahel was just 2 weeks cancer free when she started a 200 hour vinyasa teacher training, and he was by her side every step of the way. After having cancer and going through chemo treatments, she could barely walk on her own.  She was sad, scared and worried. Tabay noticed that after doing yoga, it helped her regain her physical strength and helped her feel better emotionally and mentally as well.  He knew then and there that he wanted to become a yoga teacher so that he could help others heal with the practice of yoga the way yoga helped heal his Mom.  
Tabay had a choice at the end of 5th grade to either go on a fun, summer vacation to Europe or take the teacher training. And, as much as he loves to travel, he chose to take the intensive teacher training so that he could start helping people right away.  
Tabay's passions are Yoga, Legos, Baking, Traveling, and Collecting Coins. His dream is to teach and share the benefits and lifestyle of yoga to everyone that he possibly can, all over the world. He feels that the more people that know about yoga and practice it, the better our world will be. He is a true definition of what yoga is.